At 827 meters above sea level, 4 km northeast of Mariazell the Erlaufsee. It is drained by the upper reaches of the Erlauf and also forms part of the border between Styria and Lower Austria.

The Erlaufsee is 1.5 km long, 500 m wide and up to 38 m deep. It has an area of 0.58 km² and contains 12.4 million cubic meters of water, surrounded by approximately 8,000 m² sandy beach and 5,000 m² sunbathing area, has drinking water quality and impresses with its clarity (visibility up to 20 m depth).

In summer, in sunny weather a bathing pleasure in Erlaufsee nothing in the way. Directly on Erlaufsee You can also find diving, surfing, fishing and boat rentals.

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