Green Lake – Grüner See

The “Green Lake” is a melt-water lake.
It is located at an altitude of 776 m and the water depth depends on the season. It moves

between the maximum of up to 12 meters during the snow melt and can fall to below 3 meters in autumn and winter.

Due to its extremely clear water, it applied to divers as one of the most interesting and most beautiful lakes in Central Europe. The visibility under water is phenomenal.

The best time to dive in “Green Lake” was in spring. During and after snow-melt.
The water level rises and falls, depending on the weather or according to snow conditions which were present on the surrounding mountains during the winter.


Since 10/8/2015, it is, according to a statement of the “Tourism and Tourist Association Tragöß – Grüner See”, forbidden to dive, snorkel and swim in the Green Lake!

The reason should be environmental factors!

We are very sorry!
“Good Air” from Styria

Charly Rohrleitner

and the ScubaProfis

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